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Miss Garden’s Face Cream

A rich, nourishing and silky cream which penetrates the skin easily leaving your skin silky soft. With a personal blend of essential oils and vegetable oils to suit your skin. Helping you to achieve your skincare goals and support emotional wellbeing. Following a consultation I will create your very own cream recipe. Contact me to discuss your unique face cream.

My meanderings

I've been making and perfecting this cream for a long time. I started making it over 11 years ago, it's a labour of love, I hand stir each batch until the liquid cools into a beautiful white silky cream. I'm always fascinated watching this process, it does feel like cooking. Making that perfect hollandaise, hoping it doesn't curdle and marvelling at the shiney yellow sauce forming, knowing that it is going to taste divine.

I don't add preservatives, I know some would disagree, as creams are very prone to going mouldy (it's because of the water based content) I have always found though if you take care of your cream; keep it in the fridge and use clean hands then it lasts 3-4 months no problem. I have also started using airless dispensors for those who want to be super careful or maybe travelling and can't keep their cream refridgerated.





  • A little goes a long way – really it does
  • Absorbs into the skin straight away.
  • All goodness, no fillers or synthetic preservative








50ml – £40

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