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Luscious Lemon

There is so much to say about these luscious fruits. I love lemons. I went to see the film 'Love is all you need' a few months back, in the film one of the characters said she couldn't imagine the world without lemons. I feel the same. 

The delicious Greek potato recipe Skordalia is made with just potatoes, olive oil, garlic and lemons. I use lemons a lot; I drink lemon water, use lemon in most dressing, add a squirt of the juice to most dishes. I try to use the zest as well, it works wonderfully on greens and then you don't waste much.  Sometimes I boil up a whole lemon to make a lovely moist cake.

Lemon essential oil is extracted from little cells on the rind of the fruit, by a process called extraction. You can release this volatile oil yourself by pressing your thumbnail into the rind of a lovely fresh lemon, then get in close and take a sniff, isn't it beautiful.

The essential oil has antibacterial, anti-infectious, antifungal and antiviral properties, which makes it very handy to use in natural household cleaning products, see recipe below. You can use Lemon essenital oil as an ariel antiseptic, add a few drops to a diffuser or add 40-50 drops to a 100ml bottle of distilled water and fit with a spray attachment.

Citrus cleaning spray – you will need a coloured glass 100ml bottle with a spray attachment, distilled water, lemon and teatree essential oils. Start by adding the distilled water to your glass bottle leaving plenty of room to add the essential oils, you can always add more water at the end. Add 35 drops of Lemon and 25 drops of Tea tree essential oils. Fit the spray attachment nice a tight then give your bottle a good old shake. Top up with water and your citrus cleaning spray is ready. Great for wiping surfaces.

Oh and did I mention the book 'Driving over crushed Lemons' – it's a book to delight and get lost in this summer.

Please add your own lemony tales, recipes and other uses for this luscious fruit below, I would love to hear…



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